Labour Law

The firm provides its advice and legal assistance to both companies and employees to manage employment relations: at the inception of the relationship (determination of the most appropriate contractual typology and drafting of the employment contract), during the relationship (amendments to the agreements; administration of disciplinary sanctions, if any) and at the termination of the relationship (mutual termination of the contract, dismissal, drafting of non-competition agreements, etc).

In particular, the firm provides legal advice in the following fields:

  1. Out of court: legal opinions in both the Italian and English languages; drafting of employment contracts, self-employment contracts, agency contracts, non-competition agreements, settlement agreements, collective agreements clauses;
  2. In Court: individual and collective dismissals, fixed-term contracts, project contracts, training contracts; buyer and contractor’s joint liability to the employee, company’s liability under d.lgs. 231/2001, company’s liability under insolvency procedures, debt restructuring, mobility procedure, agreements and relationships with trade unions, bullying in the work place, challenge of sanctions and any other requests sent by INPS, INAIL, Labour Inspectors.

Civil and Commercial law

The firm further provides advice in the field of civil and commercial law, either out of Court (drafting, both in Italian and English, of supply contracts, sales contract, licence agreements, agency contracts, lease contracts, transfer of business contracts, settlement agreements, privacy compliance) or in Court(disputes in connection with contractual and extra contractual liability).

Claims collection.

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