The firm provides its advice in order to face the most important issues with regard to working relationships, companies’ crisis, social safety nets; supports companies and individuals in fulfilling all compliance procedures to INPS and INAIL and deals with all the matters concerning labour supply and demand, in particular regarding relationships with companies, institutions or service providers operating in the field.

The firm provides advice on the fundamental differences between various kinds of employment relationship such as employment contracts, self-employment contracts, pseudo self-employment contracts, analyzing the points of interest and critical issues for each typology. In particular, the firm advises companies on choosing the right type of employment contract apart from the traditional full time and open-ended employment contract (on-call contract, apprenticeship contract or traineeship contract etc.)

The firm also examines the compliance procedures linked to the starting, transformation and termination of employment contracts (in particular, a dismissal).

Furthermore, the firm provides its advice with regard to social contribution incentives in the cases provided for by law.

The labour consultant intervenes in the following fields: