Labour consultancy
The Firm provides assistance in accounting, labour law, tax and corporate matters.

Studio Torniamenti Milano,
Assistance and advice in labour matters

Labour consultancy, Caf and tax advice, assessment of contributory benefits, tax and legal assistance to companies, traders, shop owners and small and medium-sized enterprises


Labour consultancy

The firm provides its advice in order to face the most important issues with regard to working relationships, companies’ crisis, social safety nets...

Legal Consultancy

Labour Law The firm provides its advice and legal assistance to both companies and employees to manage employment relations: at the genetic phas ...

Corporate Consultancy

The firm’s activity includes business consultancy services regarding all the phases of a company life: assistance in any phase of the company’s management...

Fiscal Consultancy

The firm advises clients on tax matters and assists them in their relations with the IRS in compliance with the Tax Code which includes the fundamental rules ...

The Firm


Daniele Torniamenti

Labour & Tax Consultant

Daniele Torniamenti is the managing partner of the firm.Having graduated in Economy from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milano in 1971, Mr. Torniamenti was enrolled in the Labour Consultants Association in 1976.The firm was founded at the end of the 1950s by Orazio Torniamenti, the managing partner’s father. The labor counseling activity, originally addressed to artisans, was successively extended to medium-size companies.

Enrolled in the Milan Bar Association since 2009
Graduated in Law from Università degli Studi of Milan in 2004
Degree of Master of Laws (LLM) at Liverpool University in 2009
Postgraduate Master in Labour Law, Litigation and Collective Bargaining, a course organized by Il Sole 24 Ore with years of experience acquired working in important Legal Offices in Milan. 

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Retail businesses, takeaways and restaurants

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