The firm advises clients on tax matters and assists them in their relations with the IRS in compliance with the Tax Code which includes the fundamental rules of the Italian tax system.

In particular, fiscal consultancy services cover the following aspects:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) which applies to the sales of goods and services and to both national operations (D.P.R. 633/1972) and international operations (D.L. 331/10993);
  • Income Tax (Testo Unico D.P.R. 917/1986);
  • Determination of VAT and income tax due (D.P.R.- 600/1973).

The consulting services provided by the firm include also the setting up and keeping of books and records (ordinary, extraordinary, minimal).

  • Compulsory books and records;
  • Company journal;
  • Inventory ledger;
  • Book of depreciable assets.

Respecting all due deadlines, the firm drafts and transmits tax returns returns to the IRS according to the following models:

  • Unico for Natural Persons;
  • Unico for Legal Persons;
  • Unico for Companies/Corporations;
  • Modello 730 CAF online,

The firm provides assistance:

  • in the drafting and submission of the INTRASTAT models to Milan Customs Offices;
  • in the compliance of all INTRASTAT procedures.

The firm advises clients on the appropriate entrepreneurial sector in which their company or their business should be placed, such as industrial companies, freelance workers, artisan and merchant sectors


In case the client is a start-up company, the firm carries out all the procedures related to the opening of a fiscal position at the competent offices such as:

  • the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in order to be placed in the appropriate product sector;
  • IRS in order to obtain the VAT registration number and the Taxpayer Identification Code and to communicate the chosen accounting regime which shall be applied to the business.

Considering the company’s core business, the firm advises on the tax regime to be applied:

  • Ordinary.
  • Simplified.
  • Minimal contributors regime.
  • Residual contributors regime.

The firm also performs drafting and registration of lease contracts in particular: leasing agreements for commercial uses; residential leases.


The activity of the firm consists of:

  • assistance in drafting and submission of appeals to Tax Commissions;
  • drafting, submission of complaints or self-protection petitions to IRS Offices territorially competent through the electronic channels provided by the Financial Administration;
  • drafting and submission of requests to Equitalia Offices for the payment of taxes by installments.

Effective from 1st January 2019 all invoices issued further to the transfer of goods and the provision of services between persons who reside or are established in Italy must be forwarded by electronic means upon the biller’s registration with the Italian Revenue Office.

The Firm provides its clients with the assistance and instructions required to be registered with and obtain access to the Italian Revenue Office (PIN code, password, etc.) to enable clients to issue and forward electronic invoices.


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